Paolo Gonzales

Hello! My husband and I purchased an adorable Kitten from you last Halloween and are interesting in getting another Kitten so that our little Cinnamon can have a sister. We prefer a Kitten who is playful and enjoys cuddles. We absolutely love the Kitten we purchased from last year and are excited to add to our little family. I hope to hear from you soon! Thank



We have purchased two from Home Raised Cats and Kittens and could not be any happier. They have always gone above and beyond to make sure we were happy and are VERY helpful. They breed the best of the best and only top quality Kittens!! Their productions speak for themselves by having perfect structure, being clean and correct! They are not only perfect for showing but even as just a pet. You won’t be disappointed!! They are truly passionate about what they do and that alone is hard to find!



If you are in search of a Kitten, look no further than Home raised Cats and Kittens. They are very helpful, knowledgeable, and professional, and if you are like me, you ask a lot of questions and they will answer each and every one of them. They never seem to put out with all my questions and text messages. They’re very cool and laid back!! I can’t wait to pick up my new Kitten and actually meet them in person!.

Rhode Island

Terry Hurst 

Home Raised Cats and Kittens is a class act. His facility is sparkling clean. His Kittens are happy, healthy and much loved! He is very easy to work with and believes in his breeding program, which is without a doubt top notch. He’s been breeding Kittens for a number of years and in my mind is one of best.



Good day, I received my Persian Kitten today. Had to go check up with the vet and the result where as you told me astonishing. Cloe has been treated well I could see from the fact that she has been playing with my daughter ever since she came back from the vet. She is really a bundle of joy to the family. Thanks Home Raised Cats and Kittens


Jasmin Obama

Hello, wish to inform you of mark status. After his delivery last week, at first he was timid so I thought he needed time to get use to the house. It took him just a couple of minutes before I saw him jumping around. So far he has been of best behavior. Plan on taking him to the vet tomorrow.